Web Portfolio

In this section of the site you will find work from both my professional sites and a couple of reference projects I created in some of the classes I have taken to further expand my skillset.

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Client Sites

Private site for a high school soccer player's stats and videos for submission to college coaches. The site requires a login account for access.

Fitness Techniques
Informational site for a local gym providing information about the services offered and how to find the gym.

Urban Escape
This site is an existing site design that I did some updates for. Work done includes updates to the text, menu items, and photos used on the site.


Volunteer and Pro bono Work

XHTML / CSS Help Site
This site is an updated version of the HTML/CSS Help Site listed below. This version includes XHTML and Web 2.0 related resources. This site was completely handscripted in XHTML and CSS and optimized for Firefox.

HTML / CSS Help Site
This site, my final project for WWW Publishing, is currently being used by my former professor as a reference for his current classes.

Lubbock Zoo
This site was a class project for which I did all of the coding. I have posted a copy of the site here on my own site, as it was originally accepted, since the Lubbock Zoo's domain seems to no longer be registered. The structure of the site remained relatively unchanged from the time it was submitted in May 2003 except for a few background changes and the removal of the lion roaring on every page (which they requested). If you would like to look into my thought processes a little, here is a hierarchy of the old site's navigation and structure I wrote prior to the site's redesign. Developing a hierarchy such as this gives me an idea of what the current site's content and structure is as well as an idea of where or how things could improve. I have used hierarchies on all other existing sites I have worked on as well.

Writers' League of Texas
This site was a volunteer project that a friend had recommended me for. For this project I redesigned the look of the site to give it a more modern and professional presence. I also developed Dreamweaver templates so the site could be continuously updated by league members once the redesign was complete. After some changes in the structure of the organzation the web site was no longer considered to be a priority and the project was dropped. Here are links to various ideas or mockups I did (notes and notes 2), a list of new pages posted for review and what was to be the new layout for the site. To give credit where credit is due, I modified their new logo, provided by their designer, for integration into the site as a visual divider between the menus and other content, and the javascript menus are a free menu I found and edited for their use. Note that some of the images are broken due to having been linked to on the WLTX server at time of mockup.

masterblacksmithing.com (site no longer up, screenshots coming soon)
This site is a pro-bono project I designed for a local blacksmithing school. I kept the site very simple as the school itself is very simple. I just didn't see the logic in setting up a high-end site with all kinds of widgets and such when the school itself is out in the woods with no electricity, an outhouse, and no cell phone signals. The site just wouldn't fit the school if I did that.

New American Independent Party
This site was a volunteer project I worked on with a fellow member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) who also volunteered for the project. The candidate changed parties mid-redesign and we didn't hear from them again. Apparently they've had someone else take up the site redesign since then.