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Do you hashtag?

The New York Times’ has a great cultural study on the use of hashtags, both on Twitter and off. While I have seen them used online in many ways including for events and as humor, I was rather surprised by some of the offline examples given as I haven’t noticed this in my own social

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Facebook & Relationships: Seriously??

As a user of Facebook, I have to admit to being surprised at how much the site affects people’s relationships. A recent blog post on the site All Facebook includes an infographic stating 60% of people on Facebook post their relationship status and noting the fact that if someone changes their status from single to

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Email Spam: CAN-SPAM & What constitutes spam?

I recently attended two business events where e-mail and spamming was brought up. There were brief discussions on what constitutes spam, but no resources for finding out more about the CAN-SPAM Laws were presented. Most attendees were small businesses new to the web, who understandably may not be aware of these laws, or know all

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Facebook In The News: It’s more than just privacy issues

I seem to have a bad case of writer’s block lately. When I do think of a blog topic, and I don’t sit down and write right then, the idea is gone later. Facebook, as usual, seems to have been in the news a lot lately. Lately though, it has been for more than just

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The Fisticuffs Are Out: Facebook v Google & Microsoft v Apple

Tech companies are coming out swinging at each other today starting with Facebook being discovered paying advertising firm Burston-Marsteller to place anti-Google stories out in the wild. (Facebook Loses Much Face In Secret Smear On Google) The fights continue with a lawsuit being brought against Apple in the issue of whether App Store can be trademarked

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