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Twitter’s False Trends: Promoted Hashtags

I must admit, I don’t check the list of Trends on Twitter very often, but a couple of days ago I did and I noticed something. Twitter now has promoted hashtags on the Trends list. This, to me, goes against the very idea of a trend. Trending means something is popular and in this case

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Twitter: Male vs Female

Someone tweeted an interesting link today. It’s a story from Forbes about women not being heard. While I’m not interested so much in the rant about women vs men, there are some interesting stats about Twitter usage by gender however.

The Twitter Gender Gap

According to Twitter, women are not being heard.In 2009, Bill Heil,

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Do you hashtag?

The New York Times’ has a great cultural study on the use of hashtags, both on Twitter and off. While I have seen them used online in many ways including for events and as humor, I was rather surprised by some of the offline examples given as I haven’t noticed this in my own social

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Facebook In The News: It’s more than just privacy issues

I seem to have a bad case of writer’s block lately. When I do think of a blog topic, and I don’t sit down and write right then, the idea is gone later. Facebook, as usual, seems to have been in the news a lot lately. Lately though, it has been for more than just

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The Ubiquitous Twitter: What to do with it?

Twitter has become so ubiquitous that major news websites such as the New York Times, Telegraph, and Guardian have sections dedicated to news about the service and yet no one seems to know what to do with it…

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