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Deals Out The Wazoo

There seems to be a never-ending supply of new ratings and deals sites lately. There’s national sites like Living Social and Groupon and more locally based sites like PG Deals, CBS Local, DoubleTake Deals, and Google Offers just to name a few.

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Facebook mimics G+

There’s been a bit of buzz about Google Plus (G+) lately. Everyone’s discussing where they think it is lacking somehow or the features are just what everyone always wanted on Facebook or other services.  Whatever you think about G+, Facebook has been paying attention. Since G+ came out, new features have slowly been sneaking onto

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Google+: The [insert service] Killer

Are you on Google Plus (aka Google+ or G+) yet? What do you think so far?

Maybe it’s just me, since I’m not huge on video chat and haven’t tried Hangout yet and rarely open Skype, but to me Google+ isn’t a Facebook or Twitter killer. My mother isn’t on Google+, nor is she clamoring

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Twitter: Male vs Female

Someone tweeted an interesting link today. It’s a story from Forbes about women not being heard. While I’m not interested so much in the rant about women vs men, there are some interesting stats about Twitter usage by gender however.

The Twitter Gender Gap

According to Twitter, women are not being heard.In 2009, Bill Heil,

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Do you hashtag?

The New York Times’ has a great cultural study on the use of hashtags, both on Twitter and off. While I have seen them used online in many ways including for events and as humor, I was rather surprised by some of the offline examples given as I haven’t noticed this in my own social

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