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Deals Out The Wazoo

Photo of directional sign pointing 8 different directions for sales, discounts, deals, clearance, special offers, etc.

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There seems to be a never-ending supply of new ratings and deals sites lately. There’s national sites like Living Social and Groupon and more locally based sites like PG Deals, CBS Local, DoubleTake Deals, and Google Offers just to name a few. Facebook even tried its hand at the game, but shutdown Facebook Deals after 4 months.

Ratings sites such as Get Glue where you check-in while watching a TV show and tell all your friends via Facebook and Twitter are starting to occasionally have deals popping up too. Although Get Glue’s main draw for some is all the free stickers you get. Then there are sites like, which has Perks which may or may not be an FTC violation (see AdAge’s story on Klout Perks here).

Someone invited me to YipIt today, which claims to aggregate deals from over 700 sites including local Foursquare deals based on where your friends have been and sends them to you all in one e-mail.

What I’m curious about is, are they getting oversaturated? Do you still use deals sites or have you abandoned them? Personally, I quit using Groupon after their Super Bowl commercials earlier this year. Also, their rather shaky financial status (they owe more than they have in capital) makes me question them too and as a result I don’t recommend them to clients. (See CNN’s story from September here.)

*I haven’t heard anyone say “wazoo” in Pittsburgh, but I heard it growing up in Texas so I’ll define it here. It just means a lot of something, like crazy. For example, if you opened your inbox to 100 new e-mails you would have e-mails out the wazoo or all those seemingly never ending stinkbugs that keep invading our houses lately are coming out of the wazoo.
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