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Twitter’s False Trends: Promoted Hashtags

I must aScreenshot of Twitter Trending List with promoted hashtagdmit, I don’t check the list of Trends on Twitter very often, but a couple of days ago I did and I noticed something. Twitter now has promoted hashtags on the Trends list. This, to me, goes against the very idea of a trend. Trending means something is popular and in this case is getting the most tweets (or usage in the case of a hashtag).

The difference here is advertisers pay to have their tweets or hashtags promoted to the top of the list. Promoted tweets are automatically placed at the top of your tweet stream and is made “sticky” so that it stays in the top for a short period of time before scrolling down the stream like a normal tweet. These tweets may even be by someone you don’t follow.

On Wednesday I saw #BuzzRankings being promoted and today I saw the movie #Footloose is being promoted, which happens to be the day it is released in theatres. What do you think of these hashtags being promoted? Would you click on them? Personally, I don’t click on them as I don’t want to give them any benefit for what to me is a false ranking.

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