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Facebook mimics G+

There’s been a bit of buzz about Google Plus (G+) lately. Everyone’s discussing where they think it is lacking somehow or the features are just what everyone always wanted on Facebook or other services.  Whatever you think about G+, Facebook has been paying attention. Since G+ came out, new features have slowly been sneaking onto Facebook.


Tag your friends window screenshot

You can now tag your friends in a status update by clicking the Friends icon and typing their name. In G+ you simply type +NameHere to tag them.
While Facebook has always had Friends lists where you can sort your friends and choose to view a list on your wall, you haven’t been able to hide updates from certain people like you can with Circles on G+. On G+ friends are arranged in Circles and can only see what is shared with the circle they are in, while the friend’s lists on Facebook control what you see.

Screenshot of option to show or hide your post from specific people

 Screenshot of Leave Conversation option You can opt out of those conversations where your friend sends a message to say over 30 people and they all reply to everyone, not just your friend. (For example, I know a lot of strangers’ mailing addresses now that my cousin’s wife requested them for her baby shower this way.)
Google Places (mobile, at least) is dead, losing out to services such as Foursquare, but you can still add your location (or not).Related post on Venture Beat: Foursquare wins major victory with death of Facebook Places Screen shot of the Add location popup window

Facebook has also changed the look of their photos with the background changing from black to white and the photo floating above the background rather than being a part of the page.

Did I forget to mention a change you’ve seen? Add it in the comments below.

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