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Twitter: Male vs Female

Someone tweeted an interesting link today. It’s a story from Forbes about women not being heard. While I’m not interested so much in the rant about women vs men, there are some interesting stats about Twitter usage by gender however.

The Twitter Gender Gap

According to Twitter, women are not being heard.In 2009, Bill Heil, a Harvard Business School alum, and Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, a Harvard Business School professor, conducted a study that examined Twitter usage between and among the genders. What they found is astonishing.

They showed that on Twitter, girls rule. Confirmed by another study conducted last year by the digital media platform Comscore, women represent 55 percent of Twitter users, compared to men who make up 45. Despite this, Heil and Piskorski found that men have 15 percent more followers than women. Interestingly, these men are twice more likely to follow another man than a woman. Women, much to my surprise, are 25 percent more likely to follow a man over a woman as well.

Read more of the article to see interesting tables and stats and more about the ratio of men and women and who follows who. I also blogged about social media demographics in Demographics: Facebook, Twitter,  & LinkedIn in November 2010.


* I wish I’d noted who tweeted this, but seems to be having issues as most of my tweets aren’t showing and TweetDeck won’t go back that far.

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