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Do you hashtag?

The New York Times’ has a great cultural study on the use of hashtags, both on Twitter and off. While I have seen them used online in many ways including for events and as humor, I was rather surprised by some of the offline examples given as I haven’t noticed this in my own social circle.

New York Times: Twitter’s Secret Handshake

Hashtags have apparently made it into everyday language with examples such as people actually saying #fail out loud as “hashtag fail”. They’ve also apparently been part of e-mails and text messages instead of using emoticons (smiley faces, etc).

The part that really surprised me though. The Hashtag Mafia. Yes, you read that right.

There is also the unofficial Hashtag Mafia, people who flash one another the hashtag sign — crossing their index and middle finger of one hand over the same two fingers of their other hand to create a physical hashtag. #IronicGesture #WeHope

Have you seen hashtag signs flashed? Do you use hashtags outside of Twitter? What do you think of all this?

Maybe I should start with #CommentBelow ?


Update: Just saw an amusing hashtag going through my stream: #rockbandmovies. Examples: White Snakes On A Plane #rockbandmovies, BeatlesJuis #rockbandmovies, etc.

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