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Facebook & Relationships: Seriously??

As a user of Facebook, I have to admit to being surprised at how much the site affects people’s relationships. A recent blog post on the site All Facebook includes an infographic stating 60% of people on Facebook post their relationship status and noting the fact that if someone changes their status from single to in a relationship, and their significant other doesn’t reciprocate, people get upset. It goes on with examples of how Facebook affects a person’s health and personality. I would find this hard to believe, outside of maybe some teenagers, except for the other day.

Does Facebook Hurt Relationships? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Real Life Example of Facebook and Realtionships

The other day, wanting a mental break, and hating soap operas and most daytime TV, I was flipping channels nonetheless and found Maury. I stopped long enough to see that Maury’s guest, a young woman who was not a teenager, was screaming at her boyfriend about not changing his relationship status on Facebook and his not friending her on the site. Seriously?! Apparently he was given a lie detector test which among other things included whether or not he was using Facebook to meet other women for “fun” (let’s just call it this to avoid tons of spammers hitting my blog). Apparently, he’d met more than one.

Apparently this is more rampant than I expected with articles such as these:

The Guardian, March 2011: Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say US lawyers: Social networking site becoming primary source of evidence in divorce proceedings and custody battles, lawyers say

Time Magazine, May 2009: Your Facebook Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Not that I condone this type of behavior, but not having been in the dating game for almost a decade myself… Seriously? Whatever happened to using the phone? Being introduced by a friend? Going to a bar or a party? Or wherever people used to talk to and meet other people?




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