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The Fisticuffs Are Out: Facebook v Google & Microsoft v Apple

Tech companies are coming out swinging at each other today starting with Facebook being discovered paying advertising firm Burston-Marsteller to place anti-Google stories out in the wild. (Facebook Loses Much Face In Secret Smear On Google) The fights continue with a lawsuit being brought against Apple in the issue of whether App Store can be trademarked by Apple. (Microsoft & Others Join Forces To Kill Apple’s ‘App Store’ Trademark) This one was started earlier in the year with Apple attacking Amazon over the use of the term in “Amazon Appstore for Android” on the site, but has been brought to the forefront once again.

Of course, there has also been recent fights in February over the use of search results with Google catching Microsoft’s Bing using their search results and Microsoft’s Bing swinging right back:Wow, Microsoft And Google Are Punching Each Other In The Face Right In Front Of Us!.

Friday the 13th isn’t looking like a very friendly day in the tech world and I find it a bit ironic that today, being the first Friday the 13th of the year, is also National Blame Someone Else Day. Go on, Google it, or you know, use Bing and Google will find it for you.



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