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The Ubiquitous Twitter: What to do with it?

Twitter has become so ubiquitous that major news websites such as the New York Times, Telegraph, and Guardian have sections dedicated to news about the service and yet no one seems to know what to do with it (Courts foiled by Twitter breaches). Every major cellphone platform from iOS to Android and Blackberry, and even some Windows phones (a little snark towards my husband’s phone here) have a clients allowing us to tweet from just about anywhere.

People are sharing photos of food, sharing news and possibly even breaking news on Twitter, companies are recruiting for jobs and friends are sharing jobs leads with hashtags like #jobs and #hirefriday.  We’re promoting our blogs and having chats around hashtags, advertising local events, promoting conferences, concerts, music,  and our own small businesses. Yet, no one knows what to do with Twitter. Is it marketing and selling, is it engagement with customers or just friends?

To me, it seems we know just what to do with Twitter. We engage and communicate any way we can think of whether it be with a few friends through a private account, or anyone who cares to look with a public account, and with our customers and clients. We seek out knowledge and news, humor and support both personal and technical while sharing our delights, heartaches, and frustrations with 140 character flare. Whatever you do with it, try to give a little more than you get.

Side note: Twitter supposedly gets less traffic to news sites than Facebook (Mashable article), but I wonder, when it comes to Twitter users,  how many people see something on Twitter and post it on Facebook? How many people tweet something from a site where they read it, which then leads others to that site who share it in other ways?

How do you use Twitter?

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