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Twitter Analysis Tools You Might Like

My posts are flip-flopped this week with Facebook’s new Facebook Deals launching earlier this week so it is Twitter today.

Some of these are tools I’ve used and others are tools I’ve seen mentioned in my Twitter stream lately which piqued my interest.

TwentyFeet – Last week I saw a tweet sent out by someone using indicating how many tweets they had sent and their number of followers including loses. I signed up for the service, which seems to have potential, but have yet to have any stats show up in my account. TwentyFeet’s dashboard has charts for your:

  • Reputation (followers/listed/losses),
  • Influence (mentions/retweets),
  • Conversations (tweets/retweets given/@replies),
  • Analysis (following/people not following back/ratio),
  • Lists (owned/members/subscribers),
  • More Details (total tweets/total favorites all-time/posted links/followed lists).

I hope to see it working when I check back in a few days.

Twitalyzer – I’ve checked this service out before (the free part), but wandered away in part because I’m not obsessed with my stats and in part because as my attention spans tends to be a bit A.D.D.-ish  (I’m borderline A.D.D. myself, so no insult meant) when it comes to keeping track of all the services out there. After inputting a name to twitalyze a page with general information about your impact on Twitter, level of influence, and about your network and most frequently used hashtags. It also analyzes the topics you have engaged in using PeerIndex’s services. Clicking the link for the real time data update loads an amusing page with things to do while you await the 2 minute update with a robot to keep you company. Viewing your metrics and reach (see left side of page) is the truly interesting part to me. With 28 different metrics from Influence to Velocity (how often) to Reference (@yourtwittername) you get a rather informative picture of your Twitter use. The Reach page is interesting with all of it’s stats, but it seems like some of the people I interact with most aren’t on the page, and some on the page I’ve hardly interacted with at all so I’m not sure what to make of it’s rankings.

TweetReports – My main interest in TweetReports is it’s service which will record tweets (and export them in one of several formats) marked with the hashtags you follow – such as when you see people engaged in chats with tags such as #usguyschat #ungeeked #smmchat, etc. It also provides analytics, tracks company mentions, and a way to tag and organize your favorite tweets along with other services.

TweetReach tells you the reach of your tweets. I put in my username SixDegreesPGH and it searched the last 50 tweets indicating I reached 1,615 people with 8 retweets, 26 @replies, and 16 regular tweets. It also gives you an impression of how many people saw a particular tweet and who spread the word the most. Although I must admit, I’m not willing to pay $84 month (their cheapest account) to further information.

Others I have heard about and intend to check out in the coming weeks include: @Boxcar a social network and RSS feed aggregator, @Nimble a social CRM that has gotten a lot of buzz since SXSW (South by Southwest), and @Formulists which auto-updates your Twitter lists.

Have you used any of these services? Comments? Pros and cons? Is there something better?



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