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Twitter as Facebook?

Did you see Mashable’s report this morning? Twitter is considering giving brands pages like those on Facebook.

Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Pages for Brands [REPORT]
Twitter might introduce pages for brands similar to those on Facebook, according to reports.

The initiative, which Marketing Magazine reports is being lead by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and President of Revenue Adam Bain, is to give brands their own space on Twitter — a page they could point to and use to deliver content, while encouraging Twitter users to follow them.

(Here’s the link to the Marketing Magazine report, which Mashable didn’t provide: Twitter to offer brands Facebook-style pages )

I’m surprised they are even considering this. Your approach on Twitter is generally (or should be) different than that of Facebook. Posting the same thing both places is generally discouraged as it is not a best practice as people use the services differently. Also, I don’t see the point. If people are already following a company, why do they need to go to their page on Twitter? They already see their tweets. If they aren’t following the brand, they can always search for them and go to and see all the tweets. Or, in most Twitter clients, click the Twitter ID and see a list of the latest tweets. This seems rather redundant in this regard.

One thing I could see them doing is maybe having a different look to the profile such as a space for header graphics or creating the ability to list links down the left side of the column for the company’s website and other places on the web sort of like an page or even a contact e-mail address for customer support.

What do you think of this idea?

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