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Twitter Analysis Tools You Might Like

My posts are flip-flopped this week with Facebook’s new Facebook Deals launching earlier this week so it is Twitter today.

Some of these are tools I’ve used and others are tools I’ve seen mentioned in my Twitter stream lately which piqued my interest.

TwentyFeet – Last week I saw a tweet sent out

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Too Many Deals? Facebook Joins The Fray

As of Monday, Facebook has joined the abundance of deals sites popping up on the web these days. Facebook Deals is launching with the hope of beating out other North American deals sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Google and Bing’s deal sites by offering free deals to businesses and not taking a slice of

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Your Social Media Preferences: All-in-one or to each their own?

With Twitter in talks about buying the highly popular TweetDeck (read the WSJ story here), a third party client used to post messages on Twitter as well as following other services including: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, and Foursquare, I was wondering…what would happen in Twitter’s hands? Would TweetDeck become Twitter only? Do you use

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Facebook Tip: Deleting a comment

I was trying to think of a Facebook tip to post one thing I’ve noticed from time to time is people on Facebook who apologize for posting something twice or correct their mistakes with a new post.

Did you know that if you post something on Facebook that you want to remove all you have

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Twitter as Facebook?

Did you see Mashable’s report this morning? Twitter is considering giving brands pages like those on Facebook.

Twitter Considering Facebook-Style Pages for Brands [REPORT] Twitter might introduce pages for brands similar to those on Facebook, according to reports.

The initiative, which Marketing Magazine reports is being lead by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and President of

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