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Twitter on CNN – @piersmorgan interviews @biz, @jack, & others

I know I normally write my Twitter post on Tuesdays, but with last nights’ Piers Tonight being about Twitter, I thought I would hold off for a day and see what the interview might bring for blog fodder.

Show clips:

Audio Podcasts:

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) is talking about Twitter on his show, Piers Tonight (@pierstonight). His first guests were Twitter co-founders Biz Stone (@Biz) and Jack Dorsey (@Jack) who started Twitter 5 years ago, but after introducing them went to stories about Libya and the role of social media as well.

Piers says, “140 Million people a day tweet” including reporters, actors, politicians, and many other people. In CNN’s case some reporters are even tweeting from Libya with updates (@NicRobertsonCNN) who is also seeing reports on Twitter about other things happening in Libya that he didn’t know about despite being on the ground in Libya. Egypt and Tunisia’s recent events started through social media as well.

During the show, tweets from people watching the show popped up like an old VH1 Pop Up Video show with tweets at the bottom of the screen from people who were watching the live show using the hashtags #piers and #onlyontwitter.

During Twitter’s initial growth, it took 3 years to reach 1 billion tweets. Now, it takes 1 week to get 1 billion tweets. Piers himself has gone from thinking Twitter was dumb and a waste of time “to getting all of my news via Twitter” which I find somewhat ironic considering he works for CNN.

After Piers states that you aren’t really forced to reply to someone unlike people bugging you on Facebook, Jack says,

“Twitter has always been focused on the recipient. You can write something and it goes out to the world and people choose to follow it or not…And like Biz said they follow their interests they follow what they are passionate about and then they talk about it on the service with their friends.”

Do you feel compelled to reply to anyone or even everyone? How much do you engage your followers?

I must admit part of the reason I don’t follow more people is because I would be overwhelmed as I try to read as many tweets as I can even scrolling back through the last hour or so sometimes when I have the time. I love engaging with people and love the global nature of Twitter and the internet. I’ve lost count of how many countries people I’ve talked with are from.

A few popup stats:

  • Average of 50 million tweets a day.
  • On March 11, 2011 there were 177 Million tweets sent a day.
  • 456 tweets per second on the day Michael Jackson died.

As someone who is not a fan of Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) I find it amazing that she has 2.2 Million followers and that she uses Twitter as a business tool to do quick surveys of what Macy’s customers would think of a product.

@katierosman said Twitter breaks down boundaries and that even her 5 year old son tells her, “Don’t tweet that Mommy.” Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) thinks:

“Twitter is the listening platform of our generation. to me, is easily the single most important thing that anybody in this audience, there (points to viewers at home),  needs to be using people are talking about you, your businesses, the genre you’re in.” A moment later, he said, “When people talk about Twitter, they always say what am I going to say? I always say it has nothing to do with that. Are you willing to listen?”

There’s much more to the show than I mentioned here and there were several other guests not mentioned.

Who do you follow? Family? Friends? Customers? Leaders in your field and people you find intriguing? Do you listen? Engage?

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