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Facebook Changes

Facebook seems to be adding lots of changes a couple of tiny changes at a time lately. Some of these changes are nice while others can be quite annoying. There also doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason (to me at least) about which of these changes are enacted all at once and which gradually spread to all users.

One Change I Like

Screenshot of Most Recent drop down on FacebookOne change I just saw today is the Most Recent link at the top of your News Feed is now a drop-down menu. Until yesterday this was still just a link on my end. I’ve said before that I wish there were tabs for the Games you play separate from the News Feed more than once and wondered about the same for Pages once as well so this is a welcome change.

Clicking the Games option showed the most recent posts from friends in Cityville (yes, I got sucked in somehow) which can be sort of handy since you gain experience and other things for the game by clicking on these posts. It only goes back until 6:45 PM on Wednesday as of 2:25 PM today (Friday).

Status Updates seem to be limited as there is only one person’s post shown and not others I’ve seen in the News Feed today while sharing links.

Links shows both Friends and Pages content while the Pages option shows any links and other posts made by the Page.

The bottom section reading Animal Protectors and BBS Days are groups I’ve placed friends in and I can see the posts by just them if I want. If you have a family group, then you could see only posts by family for instance.


One Change I Don’t Like

Photo of silver MacBook Pro shift & enter keys

Press Shift + Enter together to leave a space

I hadn’t noticed this change until a commenter on one of my previous posts noted that pressing Enter while entering a comment or new post automatically submits the entry. Previously, this would enter a space allowing for multiple paragraphs. I wish they would make this an option where you could choose to press Enter to submit a post otherwise it would leave a space.

However, I did find a way around it, which is slightly annoying in itself. If you press shift + Enter you can leave a space between paragraphs. I stumbled upon this when I accidentally hit both keys at once on my MacBook Pro (that’s my keyboard on the right) and it didn’t post.

I must say I was rather happy to find a way around this so I could share it with others.


Are there any new changes you love or hate?

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