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Custom Facebook Addresses

Sorry for the delay. Facebook kept loading sans graphics for me yesterday, which made it a bit hard to get screenshots. 🙂

Have you seen the custom page addresses on Facebook, but don’t know how to get one? It’s simple, really. Get 25 people to Like your page and you can have a custom Facebook address (or URL) that’s easier for people to remember and to use in advertisements if so desired.

All you need to do is Edit your page under Basic Information and choose a Username. Usernames can only contain letters or numbers and a period, but no special characters.

Screenshot of Facebook pages Username field

Be etxra careful when choosing your username as you cannot change it, even if you misspell it! The page shown in the screenshot above is new and is not yet published.

No. Once you have claimed a username by clicking the “Confirm” button, it is not possible to edit it, or to transfer your username to a different account on Facebook. Additionally, when an account is removed from the site, its username will not be made available to other users for security reasons.

Find more answers to Facebook Pages Usernames questions here:

Username Taken? Use Your Twitter ID

When choosing your username, if there is another business with the same name and it is already taken, as there was with Six Degrees Web Design,  one alternative is to use your Twitter ID to make a short a and memorable address. This is also a good way to do branding if you are active on Twitter and your name is already recognized by your customers there.

I used for Six Degrees Web Design’s username since my Twitter ID is @sixdegreespgh and I also use SixDegreesPGH for other services and in forums where I post on topics related to business and web design and places that have personalized URLs such as tumblr and to create branding opportunities as well as have a shorter username that is more recognizable than say the initials SDWD.

Remember, keep it recognizable and look for other opportunities for consistent branding when creating your username across the web.

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