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Twitter on CNN – @piersmorgan interviews @biz, @jack, & others

I know I normally write my Twitter post on Tuesdays, but with last nights’ Piers Tonight being about Twitter, I thought I would hold off for a day and see what the interview might bring for blog fodder.

Show clips:

Audio Podcasts:

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) is talking about Twitter on his show,

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Facebook Changes

Facebook seems to be adding lots of changes a couple of tiny changes at a time lately. Some of these changes are nice while others can be quite annoying. There also doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason (to me at least) about which of these changes are enacted all at once and which

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Origins of Twitter via @Jack

Are you curious about how Twitter got started? One of the founders, Jack Dorsey (@jack) (who is also a founder of @square) has been sending out a few tweets a day about it the last 2 days and will do so for two weeks using the hashtag #twttr. I’ve been following along and it’s rather

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Custom Facebook Addresses

Sorry for the delay. Facebook kept loading sans graphics for me yesterday, which made it a bit hard to get screenshots. 🙂

Have you seen the custom page addresses on Facebook, but don’t know how to get one? It’s simple, really. Get 25 people to Like your page and you can have a custom

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Who Sees Your Tweets?

Earlier this week someone asked me who sees what when a tweet is sent from a public account. My Twitter stream has also been full of controversies such as the fiasco that is Charlie Sheen and retweets of Charlie Sheen on Twitter (Tiger blood or #winning, anyone?). There have also been disagreements between users of

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