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Moving your business? Update your Google Maps listing!

Since I recently had an appointment where I ended up at the wrong location thanks to an out-of-date Google Maps listing I have started noticing other places that are wrong as well. I know some of these places are wrong because I have been there before. Some of these listings are outdated by about 2 years.

These days it isn’t enough to update your phone book listing (if you still have one), you also need to update your Google Maps and Google Places listing. This also goes for if you change or disconnect a phone line.

Luckily for me, the new location was close and I was early enough for my appointment to find my way there on time with the help of their website. I had goofed and left the e-mail I had printed out containing my contact’s phone number and e-mail address on my desk. Two of the phone numbers listed on Google Maps had since been disconnected, but I was able to find current information on the company’s website because I have a smartphone. What about your customers who don’t have a smartphone?

How to move your marker

One quick way to correct your listing is to search for your business in Google Maps and click the red marker on the map. When the bubble pops up click more > Move Marker.

You can also fix your marker through Google Places. To do this, log into your account and find your listing. Next, click on the marker,  drag it to the correct place and click done. You can zoom in/out to get a better idea of placement. Google Place’s help page on fixing your marker can be found here: Remove and edit listings: Fix a location marker. Remember to update your phone number and any other information while you’re in Google Places!

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1 comment to Moving your business? Update your Google Maps listing!

  • Anu P

    I use Google webmaster tool and I never used the Bing one. I’m not sure that the results would reflect the big market performance since Bing has a small part of it.