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Twitter Rules of Engagement

I’m not here to point any fingers, but lately there has been several conversations about how to engage on Twitter in some of the groups I participate in (on Twitter). It seems as though people have forgotten how to interact with each other so I thought I would revisit an old blog post from November

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Chart Of The Day – Who Owns Facebook?

There’s been a lot of talk about Facebook’s worth lately (see samples below) so when I stumbled upon this chart from Business Insider breaking down the ownership of the company, I thought it would be worth sharing.

Notice that Bono owns 1.5% at $750 million. Seriously?

Goldman Sachs Excludes U.S. Clients From Investing in

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Twitter is Social – Who to Follow on Twitter?

I’ve been working on the content for my Twitter 101 class more the last week or two and one of my slides is entitled TWITTER IS SOCIAL. Why do I say that? Because Twitter is:

  • Humor
  • News
  • Connections
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Local

The screenshot of the slide below offers a few examples of Twitter

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Facebook Friday

I missed last week’s Facebook Friday post as I had both  luncheon and dinner event to attend and I tend to write these posts late, or as inspiration strikes. In an attempt to make up for that, I’d like to share this story I saw today.

Here’s an excerpt…

In the past we’ve warned about

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Posting Tweets in your Blog is as Easy as Blackbird Pie

If you have a account you’ve probably noticed the integration of  Blackbird Pie which allows you to grab the URL of a tweet and upon inserting it into your post have a screenshot of the tweet appear in your blog post. TechCrunch has a post about enabling Blackbird here.

Before this integration came

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