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Demographics: Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

I’ve been observing and participating in a lot of discussion about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn lately. I decided to check out the demographics again, but wanted to see them against each other, all on one page. Quantacast has bar charts you can embed, but those don’t always work for me. Sometimes piecharts just make more sense to my brain. Click on the charts to view them full-sized.

source: statistics from quantacast may 2010 – graphics by six degrees web design

I must admit to some surprise at the closeness of the M/F ratio on Facebook and Twitter as other sources I have seen present them as not being quite as close.

As far as age goes on LinkedIn I am surprised to see the 50+ group beating out the 18-34 group although I am not surprised at the 35-49 group being the largest.

Incase the above is hard to read:

  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Caucasian 75% 69% 83%
African American 13% 16% 5%
Asian 5% 3% 7%
Hispanic 6% 11% 4%
Other 1% 1% 1%
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