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Demographics: Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

I’ve been observing and participating in a lot of discussion about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn lately. I decided to check out the demographics again, but wanted to see them against each other, all on one page. Quantacast has bar charts you can embed, but those don’t always work for me. Sometimes piecharts just make more

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#UsGuys Wordle

Some of the member of #usguys have been creating images to represent the group. I created a Wordle (word cloud image) on Since the embed code doesn’t seem to be working properly, I’m inserting a screenshot. The Twitter names listed are from the Top 10 Contributors on What The Hashtag’s page today at the

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Finding Topics of Interest on Twitter

I’ve recently begun following more hashtags and lists on Twitter and thought that a post on how to find and follow the topics you are interested in might be appropriate.


Many people and events use hashtags as a way to connect a common thread or topic on Twitter without having to follow every tweet

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