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What I learned from PodCamp Pittsburgh 5

What I learned at PodCamp Pittsburgh 5, in no particular order:

1. I need to blog more. I’ve been bad about that lately.

2. Even if you make .08 cents off your Google Ad, in Philadelphia, you need a $300 business privilege license.

3. Mapping out your social media plan rather than making lists of words can be helpful.

4. I get stuck in traffic a lot. (This was pointed out to me by a Twitter follower.)

5. The Goodie Truck has massive chocolate and peanut butter brownies that according to Terri should last you 4 days, but I ate mine in one. Maybe I’ll skip dinner tonight to make up for it?

6. What a 649 shot is (though I didn’t try one).

7. 12% of executives consider their social media efforts to be effective.
PCPGH5 Video: “Friend Me? No, Friend You! – Creating Real Relationships with the Internet” Justin Burdett

8. Social media won’t save you. You need to 1) build great products 2) know your customer 3) have a great idea 4) have a plan.

9. Dragon Naturally Speaking works really well for transcribing what you say to the computer screen.

10. Hootsuite can handle a lot more accounts at once than I realized.
Session: “Managing Social Media” Dana Sheehan

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