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Following Twitter hashtags in your browser

At an event with a Twitter hashtag? Too many columns in TweetDeck? Try using or to follow comments your fellow attendees.

While TweetChat appears to only allow you to follow a hashag and adjust the refresh speed and the size of the font once you sign into Twitter via their SignIn button you are given the ability to reply to the hashtag, retweet, and favorite a tweet just as you can from

Twitterfall also give you the ability to adjust the speed and size of font in the tweets, but also gives you the option to view the tweets in your language of choice, to turn on/off viewing of retweets and to view the tweets in either FullScreen or Presentation mode. Hovering over the arrow on the right edge of a tweet allows you to DM, follow, favorite, reply, retweet, report, and view a tweet. You can also view Twitter trends, lists, searches, by geolocation, and exclude things from your Twitterfall.

For me, the speed of the Twitterfall refresh is a bit too quick for an particularly active hashtag and the colors hamper my reading speed as there isn’t enough contrast between the blue of the background and the blue of text in the tweets.

Tweetchat is easier for me to read and follow when it’s something like following a hashtag for a webinar I am sitting in on.

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