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Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter…and then what? (Part 1)

So you have Facebook Page and Twitter account, now what? Expand the reach of your social media marketing using these other services.

One of the trends right now is geolocation, or marketing based on a person’s location, or where they are going to be. Perhaps the newest entry into this trend is Facebook Places which allows individuals to check-in to their location and post it to their Facebook profile. Businesses, and even schools like the University of Kentucky (article), are hoping that seeing these notices on your friend’s profiles will entice you to click on the link and find out more about where your friend is, or better yet, join them there.

The two current major players in geolocation are Foursquare and Gowalla make checking in to a location into a game. On Foursquare you earn badges, and on Gowalla you earn stamps and pins based on the places you check in, the number of times you check-in, having the most check-ins at that location of anyone (mayorship) or even the number of people checked into the same place at once (ex: Swarm badge on Foursquare for 50 check-ins at once). On Foursquare the mayor of a participating location can earn free drinks, discounts, gift cards, or whatever the business decides to give their mayors for their repeat patronage. Some check-ins will even notify you of Foursquare offers for nearby locations (for example: I checked into a movie theatre and it told me about a Starbucks offer nearby). Foursquare is so popular that there is even a website which tells you when you will be mayor for those who just have to keep ahead of the pack!

There are other features to these services as well, but I’m afraid if I mention everything for every service here this blog post may never end!

Google Places
Now, when I said, “…where they are going to be” above, I was referring to Google Places which is basically an extension of Google Maps. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, I suggest you get it on Google Maps. It’s free and easy to do and it allows you to put in your: location, contact information, and hours, and to categorize your business within the results. It even tells visitors the which bus route to take if you live where it’s available. With Google Places you are marking your place of business on the map and, if you use Google Tags (30 day free trial then paid), you can offer exclusive coupons for those who found you on the map.

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