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Neer or Nay?

Read more here: A Private, Anti-Foursquare To Geo-Fence Those Neer To You

If you are going to launch a new location app, creating an anti-Foursquare is probably not a bad idea. About a week ago, a Qualcomm-incubated project called Neer quietly launched on the Android market, and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times since then. Neer is a free, location-sharing app designed for private sharing between family members and people with close, real-world relationships. An iPhone app and Web interface are also in the works.

Neer, to me, sounds like something you would want your kids to use so you could track them. Provided they can’t manipulate the locations that notifications are given about that is… Or maybe a busy business traveler could check in so their spouse knows they arrived at a destination, but a quick phone call would be better, or just a text message if nothing else. I suppose businesses could use it to track employees somehow, but that seems a bit big brotherish to me.

What do you think? Are you a Foursquare user or do you hate Foursquare? I know some people who unfollow Twitter users once they start pushing their Foursquare locations to Twitter. If you’re one of them, what do you think of this one? This doesn’t seem like a service I would be interested in myself.

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