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#ff (Follow Friday)

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I haven’t blogged in a while due to getting caught up in finishing my second degree, and now that I’m done (as of yesterday) I thought I would post something. In the spirit of web design, social media, and the small business I thought I would post my Follow Friday recommendations. Incase you don’t know what that is, Follow Friday is a weekly occurrence on Twitter where users recommend people/businesses/friends they think others should follow. It’s generally someone they are already following. Users send a tweet, or message, with the hashtag #ff at the start followed by a list of Twitter account names. The lists below are who I recommended this week.

#ff for networking: @PGHTweetup @buildguild_pitt @brucebowman @NetwkPittsburgh @PCPGH @TechPOWR

#FF for #techcomm: @dfarb @arh @kmdk @shoshanak @stc2011 @stcpgh @stc_org @onemanwrites @rjacquez @altmilan

#FF for web design: @AmyStephen (Joomla) @BigBigDesign @buildguild_pitt @drupalgardens @devonon (WordPress jobs) @joomla @Joomla_news

#ff For Adobe: @adobegroups @CreativeSuite @AdobeLabs @JimBabbage @rjacquez @sarthaksinghal

#ff for business: @rww @mashable @IncMagazine @EntMagazine @PghBizTimes @WebsiteMagazine

Note: All of the networking tweeps are in Pittsburgh and #techcomm stands for technical communication.

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