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My Search for the Perfect Twitter Client

I must admit that lately I have downloaded several (read 4) Twitter clients in pursuit of the client which meets all of my needs. I know of others who use just one of these clients and are perfectly happy, but so far I haven’t found one that has everything I need (want?). Note that these clients are being used on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.

Tweetie is my latest download. I’m fairly happy with it so far. Tweetie provides the ability for me to follow three Twitter accounts at once and notifies me when there are new tweets by people I am following (called Timeline), mentions (either directly or as part of another message), and direct messages (called Messages). All windows are contained within one vertical window and just load within that main window as you click on the icon for Timeline, Mentions, Messages, or another account.

One thing I like about Tweetie is that it allows me to follow tweets in a chat-like fashion and to follow direct messages in a thread. It is also easy to add images or a video to an individual tweet just by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the reply window.

My favorite feature of Tweetie by far is Twitlonger which allows me to send a tweet over 140 characters long with a continue link at the end of the tweet saving me from spending time trying to whittle down some tweets that just need to be a bit longer.

However, I do wish that Tweetie had a window for Favorites making them easier to find again. Also, the refresh rate seems to be rather slow as tweets I sent up to 5 mins ago (or sometimes longer) aren’t shown in my list of tweets and they also occasionally pop up out of order with a new tweet coming in not at the top of the list but several tweets down. Also, for some reason a few people don’t seem to have an avatar/image in Tweetie though they have one everywhere else (other Twitter clients or on which seems rather odd.

TweetDeck was my third download. I know a lot of people love TweetDeck and it has received awards, but it has a few features that are lacking for me. One major annoyance of mine with TweetDeck is that I login and all tweets from the previous day, or if I restart TweetDeck then the previous session, are gone. If I want to go back and look at something, oh well. I do like the multiple columns though they can get overwhelming at times. I also like that it handles Twitter Lists.

Echofon is another client I downloaded. I haven’t used it much in a while, perhaps because there isn’t any obvious way to send a Direct Message (DM) without having to type d @user (no buttons) and no way to see favorites, at least that I have found. Echofon has 4 columns: Home, Mentions, Messages, and Search. Like Tweetie, the Messages column contains both sent and received DMs.

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