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CoTweet - Share your Twitter Business Account Duties

I recently started using a site called CoTweet to manage the Twitter account for the Society of Technical Communication Pittsburgh Chapter. Or STC PGH for short. I thought I would share my experiences with this site as I think it could be helpful for small businesses or even small marketing departments (or whoever is over the Twitter account).

CoTweet allows you, and several others, to manage up to 6 Twitter accounts with one login allowing more than one person to use a single Twitter account. CoTweet also gives you the ability to either assign tweets to specific individuals for sending a response or set up times for an individual to be On Duty and be responsible for tweets during a specified time.

STC PGH uses CoTweet to post notifications of updates to the chapter website and blog. Using CoTweet our followers can follow just one account and get notifications from the chapter’s board members as updates are made by them and not just by the web coordinator (which happens to be me) as time permits. One feature we haven’t tried yet is using CoTweet to post to Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and other sites all at once.

One of the great things about this is CoTweet is currently free. Act soon though as there is a paid model coming.

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