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Twitter Tools & Sites

While I haven’t used every Twitter tool or site out there, I thought I would share the ones I have used. Some are truly helpful, some are more fun.

Take for instance Klout. On Klout is defined as “n. a fun way to analyze the social web.” What Klout does is measure your influence of Twitter. While I find it interesting I wonder how truly accurate or helpful it is. Klout explains how their scoring works here:

Another site I use, is Tweetmeme. While this site is still in beta, I like this site because it tracks what  visitors to your site are retweeting from your site using something called Tweetmeme Analytics. The widget to the right of each post on this blog with the number of tweets and the green tweet button below it is from Tweetmeme.

I also use which shortens URLs so that they fit within the 140 character limit of a tweet which you then copy & paste in your tweet. What I like about is that it tracks the number of times the link is clicked within your tweet.

For bookmarking and tweeting links I like Delicious. While I don’t like everything about Delicious, I do like that with it’s Firefox plugin (my personal browser of choice, I haven’t tried it with other browsers) you have the ability to both bookmark the link to your list and tweet the link to your followers at the same time.

I must admit I am torn between and Delicious because with I can see how many times it was tweeted, but with Delicious I can actually send the tweet at the same time I bookmark it.

Want to know what Twitter Lists are out there? Listorious is a site dedicated to Twitter lists helping you find what is out there and choose which lists to follow.

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