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Twitter Tips & Definitions

Having picked up my own use of Twitter considerably lately I thought I would share some tips and such that I have learned. Some of these tips I have come about through realizations on my own and others I have heard elsewhere.

Keep It Short & Simple

Your username that is. The shorter your Twitter name the more use you get out of the 140 character limit.

What’s a tweet?

A tweet is what each message sent on Twitter is referred to as.

Don’t Spam!

Don’t spam! Yes, you can get spam on Twitter too! Sending unsolicited mass tweets trying to sell something gets on people’s bad side just like spam e-mails.

DO reply to tweets

Try to reply to tweets when appropriate. Engage your audience. This doesn’t mean you have to answer 100% of tweets. This helps to keep people following you and can gain you new followers as well. Also, tweet often. I’m not saying send 50 tweets a day or anything, but only tweeting say once or twice a month can result in the loss of followers.

DO Retweet! The people you are follwing appreciate it!

If someone you are following tweets something you think others would like to know about, retweet it! Retweeting is essentially forwarding a message sent by someone else to your followers. Retweet lets others know their content is appreciated and can also help you (and the original tweeter) gain followers. Retweeting is done by adding RT at the first of the tweet.

What’s a hashtag?

A hashtag is a tag added to the end of a tweet that allows individuals following that hashtag to see the tweet as well. You don’t have to be following, or followed by, a person who sends a tweet with a hashtag you are following. For instance, when I attended a conference called PodCamp Pittsburgh 4 the hashtag #pcpgh4 was used for attendees to follow each other’s tweets related to PodCamp and tweets from the PodCamp organizers.

Some social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook have their own hashtags that when added to a tweet posts the tweet on your account. Your LinkedIn or Facebook account must be set up to allow this. Using these hashtags allows you to only post certain tweets to those accounts. For example, instead of allowing all of your tweets to go to LinkedIn you can add #li to the tweet to post it.

What does OH mean?

OH: before a message means overheard.

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