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PodCamp Pittsburgh: Day 1

I attended the first day of PodCamp Pittsburgh today (@pcpgh on Twitter) and was fortunate to sit in on several interesting sessions. I unfortunately missed the keynote session so had to start the day with the first sessions at 10:00.

10 AM : WordPress Knowledge Exchange

The first session I attended was run by John Carman and Mike Woychek and was entitled “Wordpress Knowledge Exchange”. John and Mike presented the audience with their own personal delicious lists of WordPress plugins they use or have heard enough good things about. Once I get the direct links to those lists I’ll post them here. I enjoyed the exchange of information between the presenters and the audience both on the plugins listed whether it was adding to the information presented about the plugins listed or mentioning alternate plugins that audience members thought were better than a plugin which was listed.

11 AM: SEO Plug-ins for Your WordPress Website: Using SEO Tools for your WordPress Website

Jami Broom of Clicks To My Site (@jamilbroom on Twitter) presented an overview of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) for WordPress. The session was well rounded covering everything from: what is WordPress, what is SEO, resources to learn more about SEO, keywords, permalinks, and must-have WordPress plugins. The section on keywords focused on what are keywords, their importance, how & where to use them in your blog.

1 PM: Intellectual Property: What Are Your Ideas Worth?

This session included moderator John Carman and anti-IP advocates Nick Pinkston & Steve Klabnik and pro-authorship devotee Justin Kownacki along with Tami (?) (I apologize, I’ll get her full name tomorrow. I knew I should have written it down). The premise of this session was to debate over the worth, good or bad, of intellectual property. I must admit I came out of this session a bit disappointed as it turned into more of a focus on musicians and whether or not they should charge for their CDs at times and seemed a bit off-focus at others. I had hoped for more of a discussion on what intellectual property is and how it applied to social media and/or the web.

2 PM: “Writing For The Web — How To Make Your Web Pages Work For You”

Henry Bingaman presented this session on how to write for the web including giving tips on how to write a good tagline for your site to draw users in so they don’t just click away somewhere else. He also talked about headlines and how they should try to follow the Four U’s of Urgent, Useful, Unique, and Ultra-Specific in order to grab the reader and make them want to read more.

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